Wheels — Useful Accessories For Your Manual Gate

Excessively pushing and pulling on a manual gate could lead to damage. The use of gate wheels will allow you to seamlessly open and close your residential gate. Use the tips below to guide you in choosing wheels and installing them on your gate.

The Property

The type of property that the gate is installed on may require a special wheel type. Small casters or metal wheels will move across the pavement and other smooth surfaces. Rubber wheels that contain tread will move across grassy surfaces and sloped land. 

The Product

If you do not want to be required to have the gate rehung, it is essential that a set of wheels will adequately fit between the bottom of the gate and the surface that the gate is installed over. Measure the distance between the bottom of the gate and the ground's surface. This measurement will guide you when shopping for gate wheels.

Gate wheels come in kits. They can also be purchased separately. A gate kit will provide instructions that you can follow when installing the wheels. If you are going to be purchasing independent wheels, assess various wheel materials first.

Some gate wheels are designed to spin in place. Others are designed to spin and rotate. The manufacturer's guidelines for a particular product will specify which types of gate materials a wheel is compatible with. A weight load limit will also be outlined.

The Installation Of The Wheels

After you purchase gate wheels, inspect the gate to ensure that it is level. Use a carpenter's level to determine if the bottom sides of the gate are an equal distance from the ground. 

Open the packages that the wheels came in. Line up each bracket with one of the wheels. Use a screwdriver or a drill to secure each wheel casing to one of the brackets. Secure the brackets to the bottom of the gate. During the installation process, you may need to use a measuring tape to guide you in keeping the wheels spaced out evenly.

After the wheels have been attached, test out the manner in which the wheels work. You should be able to easily open and close the gate.

Wheel Maintenance

It will be important to clean the gate wheels on a routine basis. This will ensure that the wheels continue to spin freely. A brush, detergent, and water can be used to remove dirty substances from each wheel as needed. 

For more info about gates, contact a local company. 

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