Key Advice For Those Purchasing Spiral Freezer Systems

Spiral freezer systems are often used around facilities that need to keep a large number of food products frozen. If you're planning to buy one to preserve a frozen food product that you're selling commercially, take these actions as a buyer.

Focus on Optimal Conveyor Belt Performance

The system that moves your frozen food products throughout a spiral freezer is the conveyor belt. It needs to be designed correctly to support your frozen food products optimally long-term. You'll have a better idea of what type of conveyor system to get if you analyze your specific food products.

You need to account for both their weight and dimensions, as these attributes will help you refine your conveyor belt search. You can get a belt system that's the right size and can support a particular amount of weight without any issues. Then you'll continue getting optimal performance out of the spiral freezer.

Dial in the Airflow

Another important performance aspect of a spiral freezer system is airflow. This has to be perfect in order for your frozen food products to be kept at the right temperature range, as well as keep them from blowing off the conveyor system. 

This is a pretty technical spec for spiral freezer systems, so it's best to just consult with a manufacturer of said systems to make sure you're focusing on the right amount of airflow. They can recommend optimal airflow designs based on the type of frozen food products you're looking to preserve. 

Opt For Dependable Protection Devices

If you ever experience an issue with your spiral freezer, you want there being protection devices in place to cease operation until you can see what's going on. Not only will this help keep the spiral freezer system from experiencing more damage, but it's also going to keep users around said system completely safe.

You just need to focus on the right protection devices that have a dependable design, such as temperature and pressure monitoring sensors. If there is a spike in pressure or temperature, these sensors will engage and stop the spiral freezer instantly. Then you just need to hire a repair technician to figure out what's happening.

Spiral freezer systems are amazing for keeping frozen food products at a consistent temperature range. You may need one for your facility and if so, do your best to find a system that's easy to use, is safe, and has a lot of incredible features. Then you'll enjoy using this system and make the most out of it each year. 

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