The Advantages of Using Foam Inserts When Shipping Items

If your business ships out dozens of products to customers each day, using the right packing supplies is an absolute must. You can keep the items you sell in the best condition while they are on their way to the customers by using the foam inserts when you first pack the items into their shipping containers. The foam inserts are worth using all the time because of the protection they provide.

They Offer More Protection to Keep Items in Great Condition

If you ship a variety of items all across the country, you need to make sure those items stay in good condition while they are in transit. No matter how good you pack certain things in a box, having foam inserts is still essential because the boxes can get thrown around by the shipping carriers who might not always handle the packages with as much care as they should. It is better to have peace of mind than to stress over what those packages might look like when they arrive at the homes of your customers.

You can place a foam insert on each side of an item while ensuring that it fits snugly against the item before putting it into a box or any other shipping container you might use. Even if your packages get bounced around a bit while being transported, there is a significantly lower chance that those items will break or become damaged.

You Can Get the Inserts in Any Size and Thickness

The inserts come in tons of sizes. You can get options custom-made for the products you ship out. The length and width of these foam inserts are vital because you need them to fit just right over the products you ship out instead of being too big or too small for those items. Along with selecting the size of the foam inserts, you can choose the thickness of them. The thicker the foam, the greater the protection offered to your products. Most foam inserts are at least two inches thick, but you may get inserts that are even thicker than that if you feel like you need the added protection.

Get foam inserts for more protection on valuable items that you are shipping to customers. You want customers to receive the items they have paid for in impeccable condition rather than receive them with dents and scratches on them. Select the inserts that work best with the specific products you sell and ship. Choose from various sizes and thicknesses to maximize your defense against damage.

Learn more by contacting foam insert suppliers.

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