Keys To Buying Replacement Drift Eliminators For Cooling Towers

If your worksite has a cooling tower and you are in charge of maintaining it, you may have to replace its parts from time to time. One of the more important is the drift eliminator, a special component designed to prevent water loss. If you're looking to replace this part, these tips can help you find a good match. 

Make Sure It Can Be Pressure Cleaned

Over the months, these drifter eliminators can get dirty with things like residues and dirt. They can negatively affect the efficiency of your drift eliminator, resulting in more water loss from the cooling tower. You can account for this by getting a replacement drift eliminator that holds up during pressure washing.

This cleaning method is highly effective and it will get your drift eliminator cleaned so that it can work just fine for years. Even if you put the pressure washer on a high setting, the eliminator should hold up just fine.

Look For Anti-Corrosion Design

If corrosion was able to set in with your drift eliminator, that can ruin the structure and performance of this component. The corrosion could also spread to other integral parts of your cooling tower, creating a pretty big mess that you don't want to deal with.

You'll be better off looking for a replacement drift eliminator that has an anti-corrosion design. Despite this part being exposed to wet and humid conditions, the materials won't break down and start corroding. You'll subsequently get more use out of this vital component.

Assess Drift Removal Efficiency

The whole purpose of getting a drift eliminator is to keep water from escaping the cooling tower. However, different eliminators will have different drift removal efficiencies. Some are better than others and you need to know which eliminators are capable of performing great on a consistent basis.

You can learn about drift removal efficiency through descriptions, but your best bet is to talk to those in your exact industry and see what drift eliminators they would recommend. They can quickly point out effective drift eliminators that have an amazing drift removal efficiency rating.

As far as keeping water in cooling towers, drift eliminators are required. They are pretty durable but will have to be replaced at some point. If you read about this component carefully and understand what specs matter the most, the replacement you find will work just fine with your cooling tower.

Talk to a cooling tower part manufacturer for more information.

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