Live Tools Can Make Your Job So Much Easier

Live or driven tools are tools that can be mounted onto a machine for milling or drilling as well as other potential work. If you work as a machinist or have any type of CNC tools inside your shop, you could elevate your daily efficiency by choosing to buy live tooling today. Here's why you might want to add live or driven tools to your shop as soon as possible.

A Live Tool Has Additional Force and Positioning Options

Your regular CNC or lathing tool does not move. It's stationary itself but attached to a machine that can move or spin. Driven or live tools are a bit different. The tool itself is typically attached to a spindle, and the machine uses a turret to create additional drive power. The additional power and ability to adjust the tool on the fly makes a live tool much more versatile than what you might be using today.

Get Projects Done Faster

Because driven tools can do so much more than a standard CNC tool, you'll be able to finish most of your projects sooner. This greater overall efficiency will reduce labor costs because your CNC experts will be spending less time actually working on the project. Fewer labor costs per project could also boost your bottom line because your margin on each piece or project will go up.

No Need to Swap Mid-Project

Because of the versatility mentioned before when it comes to live tooling, your workers won't have to switch the tool out mid-project. If the same live tool can handle all of your milling, drilling, and other needs without needing major adjustments, this will reduce the amount of potential errors that your employees could accidentally work into a project when they need to stop and manually adjust the tool.

Expand Your Business

So what does all of this additional versatility and efficiency mean in the long run? After you are used to working with the live tooling, it means it's time to expand your business. When you can get projects done more quickly and with less effort, you can start taking additional orders or increase the size of your shop. Setting up live tooling for the first time is an investment in your business, but it could help give you the jolt you need to take your company to the next level over time. Contact a local supplier of live or driven tools today for more information.

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