Custom Tubing For Your Product Line

Custom plastic tubing is used in numerous applications, including the transfer of liquids, gases, or air and the protection of electrical components. If you have a prototype that requires custom tubing, purchase materials through a business that offers varying lengths, styles, and colors of the plastic materials that are necessary to manufacture a product line.

Buy Tubing For Business Or Household Use

Thick plastic that has dimensions printed on it and that is going to be used to conceal wiring will protect electrical components from short-circuiting due to moisture exposure. Tubing will restrict the movement of wires, which could result in tangling or an unorganized setting where a product is being used and stored.

If your product line features materials that are going to need to be transferred from one source to another, such as the transfer of a liquid coolant, custom tubing that is a specific length, diameter, and color will help an end-user identify various parts of machinery that contain tubing, and it will provide a viable, leakproof manner to move liquid components that could be potentially harmful if they come into contact with skin.

Some applications may promote a more diverse transfer method, which allows tubing to be shorter or longer, depending upon where equipment will be utilized. For instance, if you own an air pump that has tubing attached to the tank and you are going to use the tank where it is currently located to transfer air into a tire, a short piece of tubing may be sufficient for your needs.

If you were to need to stretch the tubing to make it longer, in order to add air to another item that is not located near the tank, coiled plastic tubing may be more efficient for your needs. You could customize the length of the tubing without needing to lift the heavy tank and move it over by the item that is being filled with air. 

Choose Single Units, Rolls, Or Bundled Products

When ordering tubing, consider how each product will best serve your needs. You can choose single units, which are measured and pre-cut, rolls of tubing, or bundled products. With single units, you will have a ready-to-use product at your fingertips that can be installed during the manufacturing process of a product line.

A roll of tubing would be better suited for ongoing projects that are going to require varying lengths of plastic tubing. Bundled products consist of two or more plastic components that are grouped together, keeping the tubing organized.

To learn more, contact a resource like Seiler Plastics.

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