How A Heat Recovery Steam Generator Works

If your business uses a steam generator, you may want to consider upgrading to a heat recovery steam generator, also referred to as an HRSG. An HRSG allows you to capture lost steam from your generator and turn that lost steam into electricity, reducing energy waste. An HRSG system can be a great business investment.

HRSG Uses Combined Cycle Technology

HRSG uses combined cycle technology. With an HRSG, two different turbines generators are connected to two steam generators that are designed to harness lost steam. That lost steam is sent to the turbines and used to generate electricity. It is called combined cycle technology because of a combination of turbines and steam generators to produce electricity.

Compressed Air Makes the Turbines Blades Spin

In order to get the blades spinning, the air is compressed, and then that air is mixed with the heating fuel. This combination of heated fuel and compressed air creates the momentum to turn the blades on the turbine, which allows the turbine blades to create power.

The Heat Recovery Steam Generator Is Complex

The actual heat recovery steam generator is a very complex piece of equipment. It contains seven different components: preheaters, evaporators, reheaters, superheaters, economizers, drums, and supplement firing systems. HSRGs can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, depending on how the configuration is set up.

HRSG Captures Exhaust Heat from Turbines

The HRSG is attached to the turbines which are powered by compressed air and gas. The hot exhaust the turbines let off is captured by the complex HRSG system. The HRSG system then takes that exhaust and changes it into thermal energy. That thermal energy is then used to create steam.

HRSG Turns Steam into Mechanical Energy

The thermal energy is used to make steam, which is generated at three different pressure levels. That steam is then sent through the steam turbine, causing the steam turbine blades to spin, thus creating mechanical energy. An electrical generator is then connected to the steam-powered turbine, creating electrical power.

When it comes to upgrading your generator and getting the most possible power for your business, you may want to consider installing a heat recovery steam generator that will allow you to turn excess heat into power. You can direct the power back to your business, allowing you to supply your business with its own source of electrical energy. This will increase the independence of your business and is another step towards building a more environmentally friendly and conscientious business at the same time.

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