Are You A Propane Gas Newbie? Information To Help You See The Benefits

If you have just purchased and moved into a first home, it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed by the sudden responsibilities you are facing. In addition to paying the bills and learning to handle home maintenance and repair needs, you may also need to learn about using a new fuel type for heating, cooking, water heating, and other needs.

First-time homeowners who have purchased a home that utilizes propane for some or all of these needs may find they feel a bit of anxiety at the thought of having a gas tank, pipes, and appliances with burners and ignition systems in and near their home and family. Luckily, taking the time to learn more about propane is a good way to quell anxiety and become at ease with having a residential gas supply.

Possible to heat and cook during a power outage

One of the most important benefits of living in a home that uses propane is that you may be able to heat your home and cook food during an electrical power outage. Propane gas held in a tank near the home can continue to power some types of appliances without the need for electrical power.

For example, some types of gas heaters and cooking stoves can remain operable, as long as they do not require electrical power to ignite the gas. Small, direct vent and vent-less gas space heaters and some models of cooking stoves may allow you to use a match or manual ignition switch when electrical power is not available.

Heating costs can be more easily managed

In addition to creating more efficient heat, propane also offers the ability for homeowners to more easily manage their winter heating bills. For example, homeowners who use propane for heat can opt to install a large tank and fill it before the heating season begins, eliminating painfully high heating bills during winter.

In addition to pre-buying propane, many residential gas delivery services offer level-billing and tank top-off services that help to keep heating costs at affordable levels.

Propane doesn't have an expiration date

Unlike electricity, propane can be stored up for later use, even years in advance. Homeowners who ensure their storage tank, valves, and pipes are kept in good condition will be able to utilize stored propane safely for as long as it lasts. This benefit is especially useful for those who have second homes that are used infrequently.

Propane is also abundant and safe for both people and the environment. To learn more about propane gas, contact a residential propane supplier in your area.

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