Plastics Injection Molding In Mexico: 4 Things To Consider When Choosing Manufacturers

The plastic injection mold industry is growing in size in Mexico. This means that many new manufacturers will be eager to join the fray. When choosing a manufacturer, there are 4 important elements you want to consider. 

  • Reputation and customer service
  • Production capacity
  • Product specification
  • Quality standards

Reputation and Customer Service

One of the most important aspects to consider when working with a company in another country is their reputation and customer service. The company you work with should have an established reputation and references for their work. If something goes wrong or your order is late, the company should have a clear means of communicating and fixing any concerns. 

Production Capacity

The number and size of the machines a manufacturer has will affect how many units they can produce in one run before refilling. Ask your prospective manufacturer how many machines they run and the capacity of each. The number of units any given manufacturer can produce also affects the final price per unit.   

Product Specification

Some manufacturers won't take orders for units that require uncommon or exotic materials. Many machines are made for specific uses. Using materials outside of those or that the company would only be producing a very small amount of will drive up the costs and your final price.

Additionally, some environments are regulated by law. For example, the FDA is consistently changing regulations for medical devices. If your product has medical applications, you want to work with an injection mold company that specializes in medical or has a sector that does so. This prevents contamination and any penalties that could arise.

Quality Standards

The International Organization for Standardization is responsible for creating guidelines for the quality and safety of processes and products in various industries. While ISO itself does not issue certifications, you should be able to verify certification via the documentation of the company. This will show the body that issued the certification and will be able to verify authenticity. If the company cannot show documentation of the certification, consider going with another producer.

Also, ISO publishes a yearly survey of companies that are ISO certified on their website. This certification is added assurance that you will receive well-manufactured units. 

In addition to the process and products, a company with a deep knowledge of the industry will be able to assist you in material suggestions. For example, some plastics are better suited to pressure applications over others. The ideal manufacturing partner will have the technology to assist with the production process and project management software to work efficiently and deliver on time. 

When seeking a plastics injection molding partner, the key is to do your research and prepare questions ahead of time. The ideal manufacturer will have a high-quality standard, a great reputation with clients, and the ability to produce your products efficiently and on time.

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