Got Pulsing Water Pressure? A Look At The Likely Culprits

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), there are about 43 million people in this country who rely on private water wells for their water needs. If you happen to be one of these people, you will spend a lot of time dealing with well pumps. These implements have a lot to offer, especially coming from a time when packing water by the bucket was the norm.

Occasionally, water well pumps can have issues just like any other mechanical piece of equipment. Unfortunately, pulsing water pressure is one issue that can come about if you have an ailing pump. Here is a look at some of the reasons the well pump and its components could be to blame. 

Check to see if the pump is running continuously. 

Sometimes, pulsing water pressure is a sign that the well pump is actually lagging when it is in operation. Just a quick check with your ears can reveal if the pump is doing what it should. Go out to your well and listen while someone is using water to see if you hear the pump cycling on and off rapidly. It should be running continuously, so if it is stopping when the lines are demanding water, it is a good sign that the pump is not functioning properly. 

In some cases, this kind of problem can be less troublesome than it seems. You may have issues with a relay switch that is responsible for turning the pump on and off, for example. It is best to have a well pump repair professional take a look before you decide the pump just has to be replaced. 

Make sure you don't have water being pushed into the pressure tank. 

A pressure tank is usually connected to the well delivery system, including the lines running directly from the pump. The purpose of this tank is to relieve pressure on the lines so you do not have problems with air bursting through every time you turn on a faucet. However, if there are issues with the tank itself, the well pump, or even the water delivery lines, this air pressure tank can actually fill with water.

You can check to see if the tank is filling with water by testing the pressure release valve. By depressing a small nozzle inside, either air or water will come out. If you are getting mostly water, you may have a problem. Companies like David Cannon Well Drilling can help.

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